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Plant Futures Chapter Network

Plant Futures Chapters host a wide array of local and regional events, workshops, networking sessions, speaker series, happy hours, potlucks and more!

Penn State University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Miami
Harvey Mudd College
John Hopkins University
Fordham University
Universidade de São Paulo
UC Santa Cruz
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Los Angeles
The Ohio State University

Harvard University

California Polytechnic State University
Spelman College
Virginia Tech
Miami University
Tuskegee University
Minerva University
Northwestern University
University of Oregon
Brown University
University of Rhode Island

Inspired by the success of the UC Berkeley Plant Futures course and encouraged by students from other colleges and professional partners, the Plant Futures course is quickly expanding to a global network of campuses across the globe.


The Plant Futures College & University chapter program is a global ecosystem that connects students with faculty, companies, and opportunities in the plant-based sector. We are a growing and vibrant community of food systems leaders and changemakers who recognize the broad based potential of a plant-centric food system to transform human and planetary health. 


Starting a Plant Futures chapter gives students an opportunity to represent the next generation of plant enthusiasts on their campus. Chapter leaders and members will gain access to a robust ecosystem of students and faculty from universities across the globe and leaders from the plant-based sector. Plant Futures chapter members will have direct access to the Plant Futures curriculum, hosted through UC Berkeley, and will gain valuable experience by improving their leadership and communication skills with students, faculty, and industry partners from diverse, multi-disciplinary backgrounds. 


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