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Fiercely Independent, Organic and Vegetarian: The Amy’s Kitchen Journey and Vision

Paul Schiefer

Paul Schiefer is the Senior Director of Sustainability and Social Impact for Amy's Kitchen, the leading producer of high-quality organic frozen meals and soups. He oversees Amy's Planet and Social Justice Strategies, integrating sustainability and social impact into all aspects of the business, including sourcing and agricultural practices, manufacturing operations, employee programs, and products. He leads Amy's Climate Policy and Advocacy Strategy, co-leads Amy's JEDI initiative, and is a member of Amy's Leadership Group. Paul is an active OTA Board Member, serving as Vice-Chair of the Community Relations Committee and Chair of the recently formed Sustainable Food Trade Action Council. Throughout his 15 years at Amy's, Paul has worked in business development, international trade, manufacturing, technology, and advocacy. He has led key initiatives, including launching the Amy's Drive Thru, a first-of-its-kind organic, vegetarian fast-food concept, oversaw Amy's EU market entry, and led Amy's recent B Corp certification.

Paul serves as an active proponent of and advocate for the organic industry. He has represented the industry as a speaker at national and global conferences, on the USDA ATAC on Processed Foods, and as a team leader for both Organic Trade Association and Environmental Working Group advocacy events. As an active OTA Board Member, Paul serves as Vice President and is a member of the OTA Executive Committee. In addition he chairs the SFTA Council and Advisory Committee – to further position Organic as a premier climate change solution. Paul has deep expertise and experience in organic agriculture policy, climate change policy, environmental justice, and strategic planning. He is passionate about using business to meet economic and values-based goals ensuring lasting benefits to people, planet, and performance objectives.

Paul grew up in the organic industry, watching his Uncle Andy and Aunt Rachel start Amy's Kitchen after their daughter Amy's birth in 1987. He fondly remembers attending his first Natural Products Expo back in 1990 to hand out samples at the Amy's booth at the young age of ten, an event he has attended ever since. He was raised growing and eating organic foods,and he has been a fierce advocate for strengthening the organic system ever since. Today he is excited to be part of the next generation of organic industry leaders, focused on using organic agriculture as a meaningful solution to climate change and protecting ecosystem services for future generations. As a new father, he deeply believes in the need to protect and restore our home planet for his two young girls and our future generations.

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