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Ying Lin Yau - Plant Futurist Feature

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Food has been the cornerstone of my journey towards sustainability. During the pandemic, I started experimenting with plant-based recipes, which heightened my awareness of environmental issues.

Uncannily, before coming to Berkeley, I had organized my own version of Plant Futures Symposium in Singapore. In 2022 my team and I hosted a virtual Future of Food Symposium across 3 days with over 122 viewers in attendance. During which my team invited 10 experts from private MnCs and startups as guest speakers, sharing their experiences and valuable insights on food technology, food waste, and food security.

What is your inspiration to seek change?

I am constantly inspired by passionate individuals around me. There are many innovators or important voices in the food space who champion green nudges throughout our food systems. I believe that by aligning my values and goals with the collective mission, I will be the change I want to see in this world.

What does the future food system of your dreams look like?

I envision a sustainable system where there is a general shift in our relationship to food and heightened awareness to our food sources. I would hope to see a food system that nourishes the population it serves and for the population to consume the food its system provides mindfully.

What is your favorite plant-centric meal?

Anything with noodles 😄

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