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The Virsa Foundation Inc. - Harvard Challenge Lab Partner

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We are thrilled to announce that The JIVINITI Research Program by The Virsa Foundation, has partnered with the Plant Futures Harvard Challenge Lab to work towards a more equitable and healthy world.

Mission Statement:

Connecting the Dots between Food, Inequity, Geopolitics and History, with an emphasis on Consumer Advocacy, Research and Creative Communications.

The JIVINITI Research Program has offered two research initiatives for Harvard students to contribute their data analytics and creative story-telling skills for a large quantitative data-set and another qualitative sample - both of which were captured during the first 2 years of the pandemic - stand to offer us with unique insight into consumer behavior, dietary patterns, physical and mental health impact during a historic window of time.

The JIVINITI program recognizes that media messaging is a key social determinant of health and both our research projects will get students to flex their visualization skills, in a consumer accessible way. Our primary effort will be to bring well analyzed, evidence based, plant forward research to the public at-large in a way they can best understand. And, we know that our brilliant students are very excited to work on both these initiatives!

- Nivi Jaswal

Nivi Jaswal is an intersectional vegan advocate and social entrepreneur focusing on #NutritionLiteracy & Economic Empowerment for Underserved Communities. She founded

The Virsa Foundation Inc. and the JIVINITI Research Program after healing her chronic illness through a plant-based lifestyle. In addition to holding a BA in #Psychology and #Sociology, an MBA in #ConsumerBehavior Marketing, and extensive international brand management, product innovation, corporate strategy and communications experience in the consumer packaged goods, medical devices and research sectors.

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