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Planting a new seed with you

I write today with a reinvigorated sense of hope, possibility and delight with the introduction of Plant Futures, a new social enterprise conceived and launched by former students, of whom I am so proud and inspired.

Plant Futures’ mission is to provide the missing bridge between school and right livelihood--encouraging and preparing college students and young professionals to become the ethical leaders, enlightened eaters and systems change makers – Plant Futurists – that the world desperately needs.

Plant Futures aspires to be the world’s leading development ecosystem for diverse, next generation multi-disciplinary leaders intent on tackling the urgent, interconnected issues of climate change, personal and community health, animal welfare and social justice.

The organization is providing curriculum and access to internships and peer learning opportunities with innovative professional organizations. This work accelerates transitions to livable, flourishing futures. It aspires to change cultural norms and generate new models that reduce carbon emissions, prevent lifestyle diseases and lessen the possibilities of future pandemics.

I am very pleased to introduce you to Samantha Derrick, Cynthia Bazán and Nina Gheihman, Plant Futures’ co-founders. I serve them as a committed collaborator, funder and guide and have established the non-profit Ideagarden Institute as a vehicle to accelerate the growth of this impactful endeavor.

I invite you to care for and cultivate the special seed we are planting together. There are several ways you can become involved and supportive, for which we would be most grateful:

  1. Take a few moments to review the organization’s website and partner presentation (attached.)

  2. Refer and introduce Samantha to a like-minded college student and/or possible faculty liaison whom you know at a college where you have a relationship. We are expanding PF’s college chapter network—which could grow exponentially with your help. (We have twenty chapters and counting, established just this past summer.)

  3. Share PF’s materials with a company or non-profit that shares the vision that future food systems, our tastes and diets, our policies and cultural norms need to be more plant-centered. PF is seeking Challenge Lab Partners who will engage with smart, motivated students this coming spring in our accredited applied learning program.

  4. Introduce us to a funder and/or donor who might be a good match. We are intent on raising $200,000 before the end of the year.

Students around the world are already committed and share a sense of urgency about the limited time we have to address the climate crisis, rising diet-related chronic disease and connected issues of social injustice. The IPCC’s 10-year countdown to literally transform our world has begun.

The future belongs to these talented young global citizens: eaters, entrepreneurs and leaders. Please join me in bringing them the community, tools, learning experiences and invaluable professional relationships that will ensure they can do the work that needs to be done, now. Thank you for your friendship and for taking time to consider this invitation.

With commitment, gratitude and heart,


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