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Plant Based Food Association - Challenge Lab Partner Feature

Our long time partner, the Plant Based Foods Association, has been the leading organisation in formulating sector guidelines and principles. They believe that for every player across the supply network—including plant-based food companies—to truly thrive, the sector needs a broader food system shift that targets not only what we grow, but how we grow it.

Their challenge for the Fall 2022 is for the teams to create impactful communications campaigns that raise awareness around the many benefits of a plant-based food system and positively influence policymakers and other key stakeholders to take action.

Inspired by the need for a collective voice of the plant-based foods industry and representation in government, The Plant Based Foods Association was created in 2016 by their founding board members, Jaime Athos, Martin Kruger, Nicole Sopko, Miyoko Schinner, and Michael Lynch, and founding executive director, Michele Simon.

In the five years following the launch of PBFA, the association has become the leading voice of the plant-based food industry. Since its inception, PBFA has successfully become a vocal advocate for its growing number of members.

PBFA has grown to 185+ Member companies, 200+ Affiliate and Investor Members, a full-time staff of 7, plus consultants and advisors.

Their history of contributions to the plant-based foods industry includes the following highlights:

  • Building a Strong Network of Members and Support

  • Policy and Labeling Victories

  • Research and Education Fund

  • Marketplace Development

  • Putting Plant-Based Foods on the Map

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