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Insider Look – Plant Futures Challenge Lab Final Presentations

With the Spring semester officially wrapped up, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of the professional partners, educators, students, and Chapter leaders who made this Spring a truly special one on campuses across the country and globe. We are deeply grateful to this semester's incredible Challenge Lab teaching team – including Brittany Sartor, Sparsha Saha, Will Rosenzweig, Aniket Aich and others. Likewise, our cohort of partners presented challenging and worthwhile projects to our students, who in turn developed impressive deliverables and learned an immense amount in and out of the classroom. Finally, we would be nowhere without the tireless efforts of our Student Chapter Leaders spearheading the movement for a more plant-centric world on their campuses. Your devotion does not go unnoticed, and we are motivated and inspired by you all.

“Thank you not only for being a part of the class, but a part of the broader movement to change the food system.”

- Samantha Derrick, speaking to CL students

We’d like to introduce you to the Beyond Meat, The Transfarmation Project and Sun World student teams for an insider look into the semester:




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