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Finless Foods - Challenge Lab Professional Partner Feature

Plant-based and cell-cultured seafood that changes how the world eats… and supports a thriving ocean.
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In the summer of 2016, college friends and co-founders, Michael Selden and Brian Wyrwas, officially launched Finless Foods as the first ever cell-cultured seafood company. In just a year, they had created the first cell-cultured seafood to ever be eaten. But they didn’t stop there. When they stumbled upon a pretty great plant-based tuna product during R+D, they decided to jump into the plant-based revolution, expanding the company into the alternative seafood company it is today.

Their products:

Plant-Based Tuna

"Our plant-based (PB) tuna is in a raw-like form and wonderfully versatile. Just thaw and serve. Our PB tuna is low in calories with no animal-derived ingredients".

Cell-Cultured Tuna

"Our cell-cultured (CC) tuna is made from real tuna cells that we grow in a well-maintained food production facility, like those used to make cheese or microbrews. Our CC tuna is comparable to raw sushi grade tuna, and features all of the delicious traits of wild-caught tuna".
How is plant-based tuna made? |

"We want to create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives. We work toward this every day by creating delicious, alternative seafood products that help you satisfy your cravings without bait or a hook. We are using ground-breaking (or rather ocean-breaking) plant and cell culture technology to revolutionize the way the world sources delicious and sustainable food. Good for us. Good for the ocean".

At Finless Foods, they:

  • Are driven to create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives.

  • Produce safe, healthy and great tasting food.

  • Urgently commit to a flourishing ocean and waterways.

  • Respect coastal communities and their relationship with the ocean.

  • Foster a diverse culture of people and knowledge.

  • Believe people want to help and that we can offer them a helping hand.

Finless Foods is a Plant Futures Professional Partner for the Fall 2022 Challenge Lab

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