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Challenging the Global Food System: Why There's a Future for Plant-Based Solutions - JJ Kass

Updated: May 9

As the global population continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly clear that our current food system is unsustainable. From the enormous amounts of greenhouse gases produced by the meat and dairy industry to the devastating impact of overfishing on our oceans, there are many urgent challenges that must be addressed if we're going to create a more just and sustainable world. Fortunately, there's reason for hope: plant-based solutions are emerging as a powerful tool for creating a more sustainable food system.

To learn more about the potential of these solutions, join us for May's Career and Leadership series with JJ Kass, Vice President of Business Development & Strategy at Next Gen Foods.

About JJ:

JJ Kass is the Vice President of Business Development & Strategy at Next

Gen Foods — the creators of TiNDLE, chicken made from plants — a

Singapore-based food tech company with a mission to create delicious

and satisfying food products, all with the power of plants.

Most recently, JJ was at Plenty, San Francisco, where she led market development and expansion for the indoor vertical farming company. JJ was instrumental in crafting the company’s go-to-market strategy and worked on groundbreaking partnerships with the world’s largest retailers.

With a personal mission to better our planet and the lives of all the creatures in it, JJ also serves on the advisory board for Charlie’s Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary and is a board member for Wonder Dog Rescue. JJ joins Next Gen Foods to further her commitment to sustainably feeding the planet, without making compromises in the dining experience. With plant-based food innovation, JJ hopes that she can challenge the heavy impact animal agriculture has on food systems and instead, help consumers make choices that are both planet-conscious and incredibly delicious. She starts this journey with Next Gen’s first plant-based product: TINDLE, the ridiculously good chicken, made from plants.

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