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Aniket Aich - Plant Futurist Feature, UC Berkeley

Updated: Mar 24

Aniket Aich is an economist by discipline and has worked on sustainable farming projects, as well as education initiatives that promote a plant-centric lifestyle. As a communications intern at Plant Futures, Aniket has focused on developing content to encourage consumers to make more sustainable food choices.

Currently pursuing a master's degree at UC Berkeley, he is also assisting in teaching the Plant Futures Challenge Lab. In this interview, Aniket shares his vision for a food system that prioritizes regenerative and alternative farming techniques, and his inspiration for driving positive change.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am an economist by discipline and started out in northeast India as a field researcher.

I worked on a project calculating the value chain of tea and one on organic farming. More recently, I have been working with sustainable farms and in the intersection of education and food. I started working with Plant Futures in May 2022 as a communications intern and worked on delivering content that nudges consumers to adopt more plant centric lifestyles. I am currently getting my masters from Berkeley and also assisting in teaching the Plant Futures Challenge Lab in Berkeley.

What does the future food system of your dreams look like?

Food systems where producers employ regenerative and alternative techniques are not competing with big ag. Where consumers understand, know and can connect with the food producers and food produced.

What is your inspiration to seek change?

Human and Planetary Health

What is your favorite plant-centric meal?

Rajma (beans) and rice!

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