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Agenda for the 2023 Plant Futures Symposium

Updated: Jan 29

January 28th: Framing


9:00 AM

Samantha Derrick

Will Rosenzweig


Opening Keynote

9:30 AM

Marion Nestle


Promising Innovations in Plant-Centric Food Systems

10:45 AM

Irina Gerry


Colonial Food Systems and Plant-Based Diets as a Key Tool to Decolonize.

11:00 AM

Nivi Jaswal

Solaire Denaud


We're Our Mothers' Gardens

11:45 AM

Sonya Brooks


Book Signing Lunch with a Chef

12:15 PM

Marion Nestle Nina Guilbeault


Animal Agriculture & Justice

2:15 PM

AJ Albrecht


Plant-Based, by Default: Using Behavioral Science to Improve Health & Reduce Emissions

2:45 PM

Kamanani Conklin


The Power of Lifestyle to Expand Brain Capacity

3:30 PM

Ayesha Sherzai

Dean Sherzai


Plant Bioactives Informing a New Paradigm of Health

4:00 PM

Lisa Offringa


Closing Session

4:30 PM

Will Rosenzweig


January 29th: Solutions


9:00 AM

Samantha Derrick

Will Rosenzweig


Opening Keynote

9:15 AM

Michel Nischan


Entrepreneurship in the Plant-Centric Food System: Separating Hype from Real Progress

10:00 AM

George Powlick


Effective Climate Impact Through Food Choices

10:45 AM

Monica Chen


Nudging the world toward better food choices

11:15 AM

Don Moore

Max Bazerman


Bay Area Vegan Entrepreneurs

11:45 AM

Ronnishia Johnson

Rheema Calloway

Danielle Crespo


The Ethics of Cultured Meat Research: A Conversation

2:15 PM

Eric Schulze

Shannon Cosentino


Venture Capital Perspective: Investing in Plant-Based Food

2:55 PM

Tracy Chen

Yaqi Gao Grover


Student Start-Up Panel

3:35 PM

Kashish Juneja

Luiza Villela

Samantha Derrick


Alternative Proteins: Current and Future Trends

4:05 PM

Priera Panescu


Closing Session

4:35 PM

Will Rosenzweig

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