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Five Shocking Statistics That Will Have You Asking, Where’s the Be'f?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Everyone has heard the arguments for a plant-based diet from either media or their one vegan friend: meat production is destroying the environment and animals are suffering. It’s easy to write off these statements because your vegan friend is clearly biased, and meat just tastes too good. However, what you might not hear as often are the mind-blowing statistics that back-up these statements and explain why our current trajectory is an unsustainable one.

1) Only 4% of the world’s mammals exist in the wild: That’s right, 96% of all mammals (humans included) live a domesticated life. For many farm animals this means a life in the cramped quarters of factory farms.

2) 90% of the Amazon’s deforestation is due to increases in land required for meat production: As the population rises, demand for meat rises along with it, requiring more and more forestland to be converted into factory farm space.

3) 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are a direct result of farmed animals: With so much emphasis put on electric vehicles to preserve our environment one must ask why so few are suggesting a change to factory farming practices.

4) A shift to grass-fed beef would require 270% more land use: While that ‘grass-fed’ label might ease your conscience slightly, projections suggest that a shift to exclusively grass-fed beef would do more harm than good.

5) 83% of all farmlands produces only 18% of the calories we ingest: This one speaks for itself.

Shocking, we know. If you’re asking yourself where’s the be’f? The answer is in the plant-based aisles of your local grocery stores. Try it out and tell us what you think.

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