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Ayesha Sherzai


Ayesha Sherzai

Dr. Ayesha Z. Sherzai is a vascular neurologist and a research scientist.
After completing her residency, she completed a fellowship in vascular neurology and Epidemiology at Columbia University Neurological Institute of New York. Dr. Sherzai is at the tail end of a master�s degree in public health in lifestyle epidemiology from Loma Linda University. Knowing the importance of empowering her patients, and their communities, she completed an extensive culinary training program in New York and now teaches large populations how to make tasty, easy, and healthy meals for their brain health.

They are the authors of two best-selling books, The Alzheimer's Solution (2017, HarperCollins) and The 30 day Alzheimer's Solution (2021, HarperCollins). They are currently leading the largest community-based brain health initiative in the country.

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